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Dunhill Lights

10 packs 200 Filtered Box. (Tar - 12mg Nicotine - 1.0mg). Made in Europe.

         Dunhill are a luxury brand of made by the British American Tobacco company. They are usually priced above the average for in the region where they are sold. They are exported mostly throughout Europe South Asia New Zealand and Australia but can also be found on the Internet and in smoke shops throughout the United States and Malaysia and more commonly in Canada.
         Dunhill Light are packaged in a predominantly white packet with a bevelled edged square of red in the centre.
         Dunhill International come in a red packet and are one of the most expensive and luxurious brands available they are made with all Virginia tobacco and have few if any tobacco additives.
         Dunhill were notably favored by legendary gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.
         It is a little known fact that Dunhill American distribution is owned and operated by R.J. Reynolds who are most notably famous for their Camel brand.