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LD Gold - SOLD OUT!!!

10 packs 200 filtered King Size Box. (Tar - 10mg Nicotine - 0.8mg). Made in Europe.

         LD brand is produced by Gallaher LTD. It is one of those premium brands which perfectly combines cheap price and fine quality tobacco and attracts different social segments to satisfy them. Tender flavor pleasant acerbity and light sweetish taste are a characteristic for them providing their popularity at the market.
         LD is Gallaher’s most extended low cost cigarette brand. It was set in sale in Russia and Ukraine in 1999 and is at present the number one brand in the value segment in CIS. Its sales volume constitutes 5 % in the quarter on CIS market. Generally Gallaher’s brands are available in more than 80 countries throughout Europe the CIS Africa and Asia.
         Having gained a strong position in CIS markets LD brand has been rolled out across the Gallaher Group’s operations – from Western Europe to China.
         The most important feature of LD is fine quality tobacco. There exist many types of tobacco in the world each with their own unique properties methods of cultivation harvesting and curing techniques. LD cigs’ blend includes some of the more known types of tobacco - Virginia Burley and Maryland.
         There are no nicotine adds in LD because it occurs naturally in the tobacco plant and preserves during leaves processing.
         If you are seeking for discount cheap you can find them here. Our online shop offers LD in the following variety to our clients: LD Filter (Original) LD Lights LD Super Lights and LD Gold Lights.
         From day to day due to its delicate taste and unique flavor LD cigs are liked by more and more smokers. Its firm demand by cigarette users can compete with famous leading brands. LD smoking tobacco is required because it really tastes.
         If asked why and how LD gain such big number of user you can receive thr following answeres: 1) LD tobacco taste is wonderful that reveal a smoking experience that is beyond all comparison that can ever be tasted and 2) LD cig brand is produced in large assortments as LD Full Flavor LD Lights LD Super Lights LD Gold LD Gold Lights LD Slims and LD Slims Ultra.
         All these assortments are offered to mature cigarette smokers to choose favorite taste size and design.
         Liggett-Ducat is one of the top leading cigarette manufacturers and distributors in the world. LD are named after the company that manufactures them and are considered to be a superior cigarette because they take cigarette making very seriously. If you are looking for a real cigarette that can provide you with a great smoke give LD a try.
         LD Gold
         LD Gold are a King-Sized cigarette in a white and gold-trim box. LD Gold are made in Europe by the famous leading cigarette manufacturer named Liggett-Ducat. If you want a serious cigarette with a memorable flavor try the LD Gold for a cheap price here at
         LD Gold Light
         If you enjoy the great smooth but strong flavor of LD Gold but prefer a lighter smoke you should try the cheap LD Gold Light produced and manufactured by Liggett-Ducat. They come in the same famous white box with gold trim but in a lighter version for you to enjoy.
         LD Lights
         Liggett-Ducat brand are strong rich in flavor and very high quality. They are one of the finest available today. If you want to enjoy this great rich flavor in a light cigarette then buy cheap LD Lights today and have them shipped right to your doorstep.
         LD Slims
         LD Slims are a slim cigarette with a big punch. Made by the leading tobacco manufacturer Liggett-Ducat LD Slims are one popular type in their great LD brand. LD Slims have the same rich flavor of regular LD but in a slimmer more elegant style. You can order your cheap LD Slims from us here at fast and easy.
         LD Slims Ultra
         If a regular slim isn’t enough for you try cheap LD Slims Ultra . You get the great rich taste you love from L-D but in an ultra slim variety that you can enjoy. If you are serious about your cigarette you need to treat yourself to the LD brand. Liggett-Ducat is one of the leading cigarette manufacturer and distributor around. You can see why when you try the LD Slims Ultra cigarette.
         LD Super Lights
         If you love the great strong taste of LD (Liggett-Ducat) brand but you prefer a really light smoke you should try LD Super Lights for cheap. Made by Liggett-Ducat the LD Super Lights are great for those who prefer a smoother lighter cigarette. They are just one of the types of available under the great brand name of LD sold.