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Sovereign Slims

10 packs 200 filtered King Size Box. (Tar - 7mg Nicotine - 0.7mg). Made in Europe.
<P>"    Sovereign <BR>Gallagher Tobacco Company became one of leading item on cigarette markets due to large and various assortments of smoking products for diverse users. Gallagher’s products are accessible beginning with those of a more prosperous demand and to medium and low segment smokers. One of this kind of brand is first-class Sovereign cigarette.<BR>This product is of very accessible price but this doesn’t influence its savor. Sovereign reveals rich smoke of qualitative tobacco that is preserved in its original heritage and nothing more. Experiencing these you will be awarded with savor that cares for originality of its ingredients and blended tobacco with very subtle additives.<BR>Sovereign brand in consideration of its maximum value of ingredients are designed into two cig’ ranges: classical king size and slims and in these assortments are purposes cheap Sovereign brand on our online tobacco store: Sovereign Lights Sovereign Slims Sovereign Slims Lights and Sovereign Slims Ultra.<BR>Sovereign Lights brand had taste of refined blended tobacco that are enriched with a special cigarette filter in order to make it more easy for smoking.<BR>Elevated Sovereign genus is lengthened by slims family: Sovereign Slims Sovereign Slims Lights and Sovereign Slims Ultra. Savor of this slimmest brand are dainty and delicate. These aren’t for a restricted segment of smokers. They are successful lighted up by men and women. And fact that Sovereign tobacco is presented in large varieties offers to its smokers a more outsized independence in selection of that taste what they prefer more.<BR>Brand name of these is interpreted as reign and dominion. Appreciating its luscious flavor it is easy to understand why it was selected this name. This tobacco brand gains together thousands of smokers that light up Sovereign cigarette every day and make it a part of their life. In this way are created a real Sovereign where every person is granted with taste of premium tobacco at discount price.<BR>If you desire to become one of those that like Sovereign you can order it on this cigarette shot at a low price in following ranges: Sovereign Lights Sovereign Slims Sovereign Slims Lights and Sovereign Slims Ultra</P><BR><P> </P><BR><P>Sovereign Lights <BR>Cheap Sovereign Lights (in the blue box) are one of many great Sovereign cigarette flavors. There are different varieties of Sovereign that will suit the taste of all types of smokers. Cured tobacco leaves are used in the production of this great tasting cigarette. Sovereign Lights are produced by Gallagher and will provide you with a lighter version of their original brand. <BR>  <BR>Sovereign Slims <BR>Cheap Sovereign Slims (in the white box with blue stripe) is the perfect choice for the smoker who enjoys a stylish smoke with lots of flavor. Get yours today by ordering from us here and enjoy the convenience of front door delivery.  <BR>  <BR>Sovereign Slims Lights <BR>If you like both a light tasting cigarette in a slim elegant style then Cheap Sovereign Slims Lights (in the white box with blue stripe) are the ones for you. They seem to have it all by providing both great taste and style. If this is what you are searching for in a brand of smokes then order Cheap Sovereign Slims Lights today and you can see for yourself what a wonderful choice they are. <BR>  <BR>Sovereign Slim Ultra Lights <BR>Cheap Sovereign Slim Ultra Lights (in the white box with silver stripe) are a great choice if you love the great taste of Sovereign Full Flavor but would prefer to have a lighter smoke. Produced by Gallagher they are a very popular cigarette that can now be enjoyed for a great low price as well. <BR>  <BR>"<BR></P>